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Military Flying Training System


Comprehensive Cross Service Training Program

Military Flying Training System (MFTS) offers a modern and streamlined flight training solution for the British Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and Army Air Corps.

Consolidating all phases of aircrew instruction for the three services, MFTS is a partnership between the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ascent - a joint venture of Babcock International and Lockheed Martin, the world’s leading provider of military aircrew training.

Designed for deployment in manageable increments, MFTS will create new efficiencies and eliminate delays as personnel progress through training. MFTS will guide students from introductory instruction to training on individual aircraft and ultimately specific aircrew disciplines, ranging from pilots and navigators to loadmasters and maintainers.

Under the MFTS contract, the MoD will determine training output requirements and standards and provide key operational elements such as airfields, fuel and instructors. Ascent will design and deliver the overall training system that includes Lockheed Martin’s proven training management information system as well as aircraft platforms and simulators.

With its unique partnership and proven capabilities, MFTS sets new standards for quality, value and efficiency in military aircrew training.