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Advanced Gunnery Training System


The will to win is nothing without the will to prepare. Lockheed Martin’s Advanced Gunnery Training System (AGTS) prepares Warfighters to a level of proficiency that permits rapid transition to the next level: live fire or combat gunnery. A reliable and cost-effective system, the AGTS is a state-of-the-art simulator designed by Lockheed Martin to train individuals, crews and platoons in the skills of precision gunnery. The AGTS provides training on procedures, basic skills, crew coordination and crew drills. Section and platoon members practice target recognition, fire control and distribution while being engaged by targets.

The Advanced Gunnery Training System is available in five configurations:

  • Tabletop trainers which combine a laptop or desktop display with a full fidelity gunner or commander handle and include all of the full fidelity AGTS databases and exercises.
  • Deployable trainers use the same software as the full fidelity AGTS but come packaged in a rugged transit case for field, shipboard and classroom use.
  • Relocatable systems are the full fidelity high quality system packaged into an ISO-shelter and fielded at locations where building space is unavailable.
  • Mobile systems are self-contained relocatable systems mounted on trailers with on-board generators and environmental controls for use in remote locations.
  • Permanent systems support training at armor schools and other facilities.


  • Supports mixed-fidelity configurations from individual tabletop to high-fidelity crew trainers
  • Pre-brief/after-action review station provides plan view and stealth displays
  • Rapidly transportable and deployable
  • PC-based synthetic environment